Spinout commercialisation in the UK

Innovation is of huge importance if we are to reach Net Zero. Almost 35% of the cumulative emissions reductions by 2070 in the International Energy Agency’s Sustainable Development hinge on technologies that are currently at large prototype or demonstration phases.

Much of this innovation will happen in universities, and is commercialised through ‘university spinouts’. These spinouts play a vital role in the UK economy, contributing to economic growth and job creation. The UK has shown favourable survival rates for spinouts, with many success stories resulting in significant financial benefits for the universities involved. However, as this report finds, how successfully this research makes its way into commercial markets is a highly varied picture across the UK, with some universities – and regions – achieving much worse outcomes than others.

This report showcases – and contributes to – the currently ongoing debate around UK university spinouts, and makes a number of recommendations as to how a more efficient and supportive ecosystem for spinouts could be fostered. In this way, we hope that the UK can accelerate innovation, attract investment, and strengthen its position as a global leader in research commercialisation.

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Spinout commercialisation in the UK

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