Energy System Integration Guides: Distributed Energy

Published: 28 September 2018

To transform the energy system to meet UK carbon reduction targets and achieve our clean growth ambitions while delivering savings for consumers, an increasingly significant role is required of ‘integrated energy solutions’ that┬ácombine local distributed generation with smart, flexible consumption and demand management.

Both public and private sector energy consumers and the supply chain, currently have limited expertise to scope, install and operate these integrated energy solutions. This has been compounded by the current focus on single technology distributed energy solutions, which can have unintended negative consequences on the wider energy system.

The Energy System Integration Guides project looked at the impact that distributed energy was having in transforming the UK energy system. A feasibility study was carried out to investigate how integrated energy solutions installed on campus-scale sites (e.g. hospitals, universities, etc…) might improve outcomes for both the site and the wider energy system.

DOWNLOAD the report for summaries of the key learning points and main conclusions arising from the project.

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Case Study – Energy Systems Integration Guides: Distributed Energy