Energy Systems Architecture Methodology: Enabling Multi-vector Market Design

Published: 18 December 2017


Energy Systems Architecture Methodology takes systems engineering tools and analysis and applies them to the complex market design, lifecycle management and adaptation, governance, operation and change processes required to transform UK energy sector.

Delivered by Energy Systems Catapult for the Energy Technologies Institute under the Smart Systems and Heat programme is applying these systems engineering concepts to the energy sector, across three key dimensions:

  • Market Systems Architecture: focused on policy, regulation and commercial interactions between actors; for example to internalise carbon cost, to protect consumers and to enable value exchange between actors with business drivers and actors with data and/or levers of control;
  • Physical Systems Architecture: focused on how physical interactions, dependencies and constraints such as frequency, voltage, pressure, etc in gas, heat, electricity and liquid fuels are managed;
  • Information Systems Architecture: focused on the information infrastructure arrangements that enable communication within and between actors.

The report includes:

  • High-level methodology;
  • Understanding interdependencies.
  • Experience in implementing the methodology.