Modernising Energy Data Access – Your Online Data Architecture

Published: 9 July 2020

Data is the single biggest enabler of a decarbonised, decentralised and digitised energy future. It’s the tool that will bridge the gap between where we are now vs. where we need to be to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050.

As part of the Prospering from the Energy Revolution programme under the Industrial Strategy, Innovate UK launched the Modernising Energy Data Access competition, designed to enable energy data to be open-sourced for the benefit of society.

Siemens was one of three companies winning a highly competitive battle (the others being led by Icebreaker One, Electron) to create enduring solutions to support more agile regulation, more informed policy-making, and prompt an exponential increase in new apps, products, propositions and microservices.

A three phase approach followed:

  • Phase 1 – discovery phase to tease out the requirements for their solution over 3 weeks.
  • Phase 2 – the list of companies will reduce to two and an Alpha prototype developed over 3 months.
  • Phase 3 – a single winner go on to build the Beta solution over a 6 month period concluding in mid-2021.

This competition forms part of the Modernising Energy Data initiative across BEIS, OFGEM and InnovateUK.

Phase 1 reports

Siemens, together with its partners the Energy Systems Catapult and National Innovation Centre for Data will deliver a ‘digitally integrated energy system’ which supports a Common Data Architecture concept.

Underpinning the vision is an implementation of the open-data platform, constructed upon the requirements of the users and employing a sector specific metadata standard to drive commonality, enabling data-exchange. To do this Siemens will create ‘Your Online Digital Architecture’.

The platform will be constructed upon the three relevant building blocks identified within the report ‘Energy Data Taskforce: A Strategy for a Modern Digitalised Energy System’ – incorporating an asset registration strategy, data catalogue and digital system mapping.

The three reports in the discovery phase are:

Your Online Data Architecture – Data Best Practice Principles – DOWNLOAD HERE

The Energy Data Taskforce was able to make 5 key recommendations in the movement towards ‘A Modern Digitalised Energy System, with the aligned integration points of the YODA project being;

  • Metadata structure (Including convergences towards an ontology approach)
  • Glossary of business terms (Linking with the Reference Data Library)
  • Enabling access to datasets (Authentication and Security)


Your Online Data Architecture – Data Licensing and Standardisation – DOWNLOAD HERE

Data Licences are essential to ensure that both data providers and data consumers understand what data can be used for and are protected from legal ambiguity. Within this section we discuss the licencing and associated warranty statements / liability wavers which are currently in use, what standards exists and what has been identified as a core user need from stakeholder workshops.


Your Online Data Architecture – Metadata and Supporting Information Requirement – DOWNLOAD HERE

The data best practice guidance which was developed as part of the Modernising Energy Data programme, has specifically called out Metadata and Supporting information as key parts of Data Best Practice.

In the following report, we will discuss the investigation which has been conducted during this discovery phase and make some clear recommendations for challenges which must be addressed in the Alpha project.