Modern Energy Partners


Modern Energy Partners (MEP) is a ground-breaking collaboration within Government. Its aim is to demonstrate that it is possible for public estate to achieve at least 50% emissions reductions by 2032, building confidence within government and across the public sector.

The programme is focussed on identifying credible pathways for individual sites and supporting sites in implementing the initial phases of its pathway.

MEP is being driven by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), alongside Cabinet Office, Treasury and the estate-owning departments, while Energy Systems Catapult is providing programme delivery, analytical and technical support.

The MEP programme was informed by the Energy System Integration Guides (ESIG): Distributed Energy feasibility study, completed by the Cabinet Office and Energy Systems Catapult in 2018, which investigated how the public sector estate could help stimulate the market for integrated energy efficiency solutions.

The Challenge and Opportunity

The wider challenge is that the UK Government has a target to achieve at least 50% non-traded reduction in carbon emissions across the public sector estate by 2032 against a 2017 baseline.

Delivering results against this target will require a combination of both innovative and established energy efficiency, demand management and low carbon power and heat technologies that are practically deployed to maximise impact and payback.

With this in mind, MEP is currently working with four “pathfinder” sites across the Ministry of Defence (MoD), Ministry of Justice (MoJ), National Health Service (NHS) and a university campus to implement the initial stages of each site’s strategic energy plans. The approach developed for these four pathfinders will then be tested on a further 36 campus-type public sector sites.

Our Approach

Using a systematic approach to the delivery of site strategic energy plans the programme is focused on the following:

  • Developing and updating four site strategy energy plans for the 4 selected “pathfinder” sites
  • Implementing initial energy solutions together with data and telemetry on the 4 selected “pathfinder” sites
  • Identifying and working with a further 36 public sector sites, primarily within NHS, MoD and MoJ, to both demonstrate solutions and set precedent for delivering the same approach in a systematic manner for future roll-out across the public sector estate
  • Deploying energy monitoring on the 36 sites to gather energy data that supports strategic energy plan design for each individual site; taking some forward to implement initial recommendations.

Latest update

MEP is continuing to work with four “pathfinder” sites and will soon commence work with a further 36 public sector campus-scale locations across the UK.

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