Offering practical hands-on models, tools and labs to help Government, industry, communities and innovators tackle the hardest challenges on the way to Net Zero

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Energy Systems Catapult offers a range of models, tools and labs to help governments, industry and innovators navigate to Net Zero.

Our Living Lab

Quick, safe and affordable. Rapidly design, market-test and launch innovative energy products, services and business models with real people in over 500 connected homes.

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Whole Energy Systems Accelerator

World-first energy innovation test and evaluation facility, enabling interactions between homes, energy networks, and market & policy frameworks.

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Local Area Energy Planning

Our pioneering, data-driven, collaborative approach, using whole systems thinking to identify the best route for your local area to achieve Net Zero.

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Public Sector Decarbonisation Guidance

Guides, tools, templates and case studies to accelerate carbon reduction across public sector buildings, sites and estates… with simplicity, speed & scale.

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Net Zero Go

Turn your Net Zero ambition into action at a project level, with our unique, easy-to-use digital platform with 400+ guides, toolkits, case studies, calculators and more.

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Open Data

Gain evidence and insights by exploring our datasets from a range of innovation projects including trials including the UK's largest smart, consumer-focused trials on heat and and electric vehicle charging.

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Our Consumer Panel

Get Home Truths® from thousands of households - the only UK consumer panel backed by thought leaders in energy policy, business modelling and systems engineering.

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Homes Net Zero Toolkit

Our range of Net Zero labs and tools can help you develop, test & scale-up zero carbon innovations and grow a skilled installation workforce

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Place Net Zero Toolkit

Independent, technology-agnostic, whole systems models, tools, labs, guides, case studies and data to support the growth of innovative Net Zero businesses, infrastructure and jobs in local areas.

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National Net Zero Toolkit

Independent, technology-agnostic, whole system models, tools, labs, guides, case studies and data to support the Net Zero innovation at the national level.

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Innovating for Transport and Energy Systems (ITES)

A superpower partnership for UK and India innovation. Join the innovators and industry leaders shaping our transport systems future.

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