We’ve mapped innovators working on Flexibility across the UK Energy Landscape – are you included?

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Supporting flexible energy innovators

Smart and flexible energy systems are vital if the UK is to reach Net Zero carbon emissions. As the proportion of intermittent renewable generation and low carbon technologies such as electric vehicles and heat pumps increases, flexibility driven by digitalisation will support grid balancing and help avoid network constraints and blackouts.

Digitalisation is already beginning to improve the performance of existing assets and infrastructure; while products and services are emerging, driven by data, that may unlock value across the whole system.

Vast improvements in digital communication means that complex multi-directional flows of power in a decentralised system can be monitored and balanced. The increased involvement of active consumers and prosumers (those who both consume and produce electricity) in demand and supply can be seen as democratisation of the energy system.

Around 100 companies have been identified within the Flexibility Energy Landscape, before being segmented into 24 sub-sectors.

Including: transmission and distribution network operators, energy suppliers, digital utilities, P2P and wholesale energy traders, smart energy asset managers, virtual power plants, vehicle-to-grid-or-home operators, commercial aggregators, microgrid managers and smart meter data-based service providers.

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Our Flexibility Energy Landscape highlights the UK's emerging innovators within this sector.

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