Independent and technology-agnostic, whole systems approach to accelerating zero emissions transport

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Accelerating clean transport across the UK market

Energy Systems Catapult offer world class systems engineering, working with government, regulators, industry, academia and innovators to overcome barriers and navigate the transition to Net Zero.

The Infrastructure and Engineering team offering specialist knowledge and practical experience in technology development and deployment, considering the technological, engineering, economic, regulatory and policy implications for innovations and investment decisions.

We have technical experts offering insights on Low Emissions Transport from a whole systems perspective:

  • Transport – expertise in modelling, analysis and insight into the role of transport in future energy networks, optimising vehicle propulsion systems, consumer perspectives, market and policy frameworks, the physical value chains required to deliver the energy, and the role of new generation technologies in transport decarbonisation.

What we offer

Technology development and deployment

We provide evidence-based guidance to the UK innovation community to help maximise the value of:

  • Innovation assessments for new technologies, such as performance and cost characteristics
  • Technical due-diligence
  • Innovation management capability to support the progression of technologies towards commercialisation
  • Market positioning and partnering options to accelerate innovations towards commercialisation
  • Techno-economic analysis to assess the competitiveness of technologies and associated innovations in decarbonised future energy systems.

Supporting market and policy development

Our independent, whole systems approach can help develop market and policy frameworks that support new technologies deployed to optimise integration, deliver new services and value streams using multiple energy-vectors (electricity, heat, gas, hydrogen, etc).

Our areas of expertise

Energy Systems Catapult offers UK-wide whole systems models, tools and labs to help governments, industry and innovators navigate to Net Zero.

Case Studies

Collaborate with us

The three-year Consumers, Vehicles and Energy Integration (CVEI) project was launched in 2016 to deliver unique and detailed insight on mainstream consumer behaviour with electric vehicles and the changes needed of existing infrastructure.

CVEI examined the barriers and motivators which influence consumers as they trialled a Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) or a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and an equivalent internal combustion engine (ICE) car.

The study gathered in-depth data from vehicles and charge points for 584,000 miles of journeys and 15,700 charge events, covering both home and public locations, while consumer surveys were undertaken to understand attitudes, perceptions and choices.

Key findings included:

  • 95% of BEV drivers and 85% with PHEV chose smart charging over dumb charging, to automatically avoid charging at times of peak grid demand or when electricity is most expensive.
  • Mainstream consumers trialling all three types of car said they were willing to pay more for BEVs or PHEVs over an ICE vehicle, as long as the savings on running costs delivered a payback in fewer than 5 years.

CVEI significantly influenced the Government appointed Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce chaired by Energy Systems Catapult chief executive Philip New.

The CVEI modelling datasets – are now owned by the Catapult (see above).

Collaborate with us

Offering expertise in modelling, analysis and insight to support technology development and deployment or market and policy development in low emission transport.

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