Tried and tested resources and support services for Warm Home Prescription projects

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Free guidance, partnership branding and patient communication templates

Has your heating on prescription project received funding? Does your project provide funding to credit energy bills for the most vulnerable in your community? Use our free and simple to follow guidance document, partnership branding and patient communication templates to help you identify, onboard and tailor energy bill support to vulnerable households.

Our guidance document is a starting point for organisations beginning to design a Warm Home Prescription service. It can be used by organisations, regardless of previous experience in health or energy. Further support is also available to help you design and test your service, and provide your residents with warm homes and improvements in their health and wellbeing.

Warm Home Prescription (WHP)
An innovative service invented by Energy Systems Catapult, helping people who struggle to afford energy and have severe health conditions made worse by the cold. Our guidance snd support can help you deliver your funded Warm Home Prescription project effectively, and with impact.

The WHP service has been tried and tested with almost 1,000 households across England and Scotland and successfully helped people with cold sensitive health conditions to stay warm and well at home – and out of hospital. This trialled and refined service is now providing you with the resources to help you successfully deliver yours.

Millions of people in the UK have health conditions – such as respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses – that are made worse by living in a cold home. Over 10,000 people die each year in England and Wales as a result.

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Join our Community of Practice and collaborate with other health and energy partners working hard to provide warm homes to those with health conditions made worse by the cold.

Warm Home Prescription resource pack

Your journey to delivering Warm Home Prescription in your area starts here.

1. Identifying patients

We can help you identify people at risk of being admitted to hospital because they are living in a cold home. Our NHS partners used area level data to decide on conditions and areas to prioritise so they could identify individuals and contact them via phone or letter.

We help you make informed decisions based on which conditions are most prevalent in your area so you know who to target.

2. Onboarding patients

We can provide you with a clear, simple process and the templates required to help you assess the patients property and energy needs.

3. Helping you match with local support agencies

We can provide you with access to an approved list of reputable energy advice organisations to support delivery of your service locally in a timely and efficient manner.

4. Tailoring bill support to individual households

We can provide you with access to our digital tool to help calculate appropriate levels of support to help patients stay warm.

5. Supporting evaluation method

We can provide support for tracking and evaluating the impact of your service on patients’ health, wellbeing and their use of the NHS. Based on evaluation method developed by our academic partner, Sheffield Hallam University.

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