Test and demonstration


The Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) is building on its expertise in integrated energy systems by establishing capability in the development and management of trials and demonstrators to help innovators test and bring to market new energy products and services.

This real-world demonstrator capability will enable innovators to trial their products, engage with supply chain and channel partners, attract end customers and investment, and accelerate their innovation to market. Stakeholder feedback has also confirmed that any product at test or demonstration stage must show that it can fit with wider energy system, so the ESC will also assist with the development of interfaces and technical standards where necessary to facilitate interconnection between various parts of the evolving energy system, to ensure the integrity of the system as a whole.

The ESC is working towards an ecosystem of facilities with the required specialisms and with appropriate accessibility to all business, but especially SMEs.

As part of the Smart Systems and Heat Programme, the ESC is developing at least one large scale demonstration with a local authority using the Home Energy Services Gateway.

We will also develop and pilot a methodology for energy system readiness levels as a tool to promote awareness of the wider energy system with SMEs, energy project developers and demonstrators.

In addition, existing multi-vector test and demonstration facilities across the UK have already been mapped by the ESC and summary information of those facilities is available.

Contact for more information

Email: innovation@es.catapult.org.uk