First-of-a-kind simulation tool for testing how your innovative product performs with a range of homes and their constituent parts – such as heating, building fabric, smart controls and consumers

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Home Energy Dynamics (HED) is an innovative simulation tool that provides data and analysis on the efficiency and cost effectiveness of low carbon technologies for a whole range of UK housing types.

The tool dynamically simulates the interaction between low carbon innovations and the constituent parts of a home – such as heating and hydraulic systems, building fabric, smart controls, weather and consumer profiles.

HED can simulate the energy and carbon savings provided by your low carbon innovation with a range of housing types, either as standalone solution, or in combination with other energy efficiency measures.

The tool has demonstrated a very strong correlation between predicted and measured energy performance across numerous real-world homes, supporting validation work undertaken with Salford University’s Energy House.

Case Studies

Simulating a Smart Hot Water Tank

Mixergy has designed an innovative, smart hot water storage tank that allows consumers to heat only the water they need, in contrast to conventional hot water tanks which heat all or nothing. This saves on energy, cost and carbon emissions.

Energy Systems Catapult utilised our Home Energy Dynamics (HED) simulation tool to compare the performance of the Mixergy hot water storage tank with a conventional storage tank to establish the difference in energy consumption between both systems.

We selected a home from the HED simulation library to match the profile of a home being used by Mixergy in a real-world trial – a semi-detached, 3-bedroom, 2-story steel framed modular-build house – and also tested two different occupancy profiles.

A two-week simulation comparing how HED calculated the performance of Mixergy and deployment of the innovation in the real world.

David White, Head of Commercial Operations, Mixergy, said: “Home Energy Dynamics allowed us to test Mixergy’s product when deployed in a varied ecosystem of products and applications, which is often challenging to model. These insights are extremely valuable when articulating to prospective clients and stakeholders the full impact of deploying smart home technologies.

“We were really impressed with the accuracy of the model and also how it is able to quickly identify the effectiveness of a solution without need for a full laboratory set-up.”

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