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Home Truths® is a panel of thousands of consumers who can take part in regular research. It can give you bespoke feedback to suit your business needs. You can decide whether you’d prefer deep feedback on the detail (through interviews or focus groups), or robust stats (from a survey).

Home Truths is the only consumer panel run by consumer experts and backed by thought leaders in energy policy, business models and the energy system.

The Challenge and Opportunity

Transforming the UK energy system to be clean, secure and affordable, requires innovators to develop appealing energy products and services that consumers are willing to purchase.

Innovators face many challenges to achieve this:

  • Understanding the different consumers types, determining which are potential customers and what are their needs;
  • Designing with the customer in mind and getting feedback on products and services to reduce the risk of decision making;
  • Needing to trial and demonstrate technology in a “real” environment;
  • Approaching different consumer segments in different ways to increase adoption of products and services;
  • Increasing innovation success and best utilise scarce funding.

Our Approach to Energy Research

The Home Truths panel includes all types of people from all over the UK. We have detailed background information on all our panelists. That means we can tell you how different types of people react to your idea so you can focus your efforts.

What’s more, the panel is growing. We are recruiting panelists on a regular basis ensuring high data quality.

Homes Truths can help energy innovators overcome challenges, such as:

  • Improving design – obtain feedback directly from consumers on the development of products and services;
  • Targeting the Market – better understand how to communicate and increase adoption of products and services;
  • Reducing Risk – concept and proposition testing reduces the risk of decision making in developing new products and services.

9 reasons why you should use Home Truths Surveys

  • Affordable – quick cost-effective consumer research;
  • Tailored – research designed by experts,  focused on each innovators specific needs;
  • Flexible – qualitative or quantitative outputs, from a few questions to a whole survey;
  • Expert – run by consumer insight professionals with energy expertise;
  • Analysis – available from our wider multidisciplinary team, with commercial, technical and policy expertise;
  • Independent – impartial, independent and technology-agnostic analysis;
  • Broad – all types of UK homes and consumer groups;
  • Quality – consumers profiled by the Catapult’s unique attitudinal segmentations offering insights into energy use, purchasing and boiler replacements, to put consumer feedback into context;
  • Fresh – new participants recruited on a regular basis, avoiding respondent fatigue and improving data quality.

You can access our Consumer Insight expertise via our Innovator Support Platform or directly with the Consumer Insight team.

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