26/04/22 - How to Talk about Cybersecurity of Emerging Technologies

New Grid and I Project collaboration

The project, run by the University of Bristol aimed to develop art-driven educational materials which will help explain 3 concepts: heat electrification, data sharing and cybersecurity risks to relevant stakeholders and the public.

To this end, Energy Systems Catapult teamed up with Dr Ola Michalec & Dr Ruzanna Chitchyan at the University of Bristol to support their work in developing art material explaining data sharing & cybersecurity in the energy sector. Combining Energy Systems Catapult’s work on the Energy Digitalisation Taskforce with expertise from Dr Michalec and Dr Chitchyan, the concept for an explainer image was born.

The image describes the fundamental concepts of cyber security and data sharing, with prominence brought to them in an easily digestible visual metaphor. Illustrator Oliver Dean created the material: A train station as your data sharing environment!

The image is based on recommendations made by the Energy Digitalisation Taskforce about cyber security. You can read the Security annexe here which is the basis of the concepts explained in the diagram.

You can read more about the other work of this project including illustrations done in collaboration with Ofgem, here. The work covers topics such as Peer to Peer trading and Flexibility.

We are hoping this explainer image will galvanise some interesting discussions about the role of cyber security in your organisation. If you would like to join the conversation, please sign up for the event jointly organised with the researchers, where Dr Ola Michelec and others will present a briefing entitled “How to Talk about Cybersecurity of Emerging Technologies.”  The event will take place on Tuesday, 26 April 2022 at 14:00-15:30. For more information please see the Eventbrite registration page.

How to Talk about Cybersecurity of Emerging Technologies


Tuesday 26th April 2022



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Duration: 1.5 Hrs

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