Independent data science expertise to accelerate innovations to market or uncover value in your data

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Discover value in your data and accelerate to Net Zero

Energy Systems Catapult offers expertise in data science to help innovators and the wider energy sector to accelerate the digitalisation of the energy system.

We collaborate on thought leadership w with Government, regulators and industry – including leading the Energy Data Taskforce – to tackle some of the hardest challenges on the way to Net Zero.

While both digital innovators and traditional energy companies can access affordable expertise, tools and labs to discover real value in your data and leverage the information to create insights that you can act on.

  • Data Science – using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, our data scientists help innovators with information to design and test products, services, and business models that can be specifically tailored to deliver great customer experience and optimise efficiency and cost. We enable real-time decision-making and complex data analytics from trials in our Living Lab.

Helping energy companies

  • Uncover hidden value in your own data
  • Gain evidence and insights by exploring our existing datasets
  • Learn which data to collect for maximum value and how to design the telemetry or specify systems to ensure quality.

Case Studies

Testing in the Living Lab

Amp X are developing an autonomous, digital energy assistant ‘ALICE’ with a trial in the Living Lab. The ALICE platform aims to help UK households reduce their energy costs and carbon intensity through autonomous demand-side-response decisions based on real-world market signals.

ALICE will schedule energy usage by household devices’ when the energy is greenest and cheapest, with the aim that households could benefit by providing flexibility to local networks to improve grid resilience and maximise renewable energy usage.

The trial sees the ALICE energy assistant installed in 60 Living Lab homes with support from:

  • Consumer Insight specialists to understand household experiences, test the benefits and to understand the customer value proposition
  • Data Science expertise to test the interface between the ALICE and a variety of in-home devices, including: Electric Vehicles chargers, smart meters, Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning controls, and general appliances.

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