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20/01/22 - Western Power Distribution Data Challenge 1 Winners Presentation & Challenge 2 Kick-Off Event

In this seminar, Western Power Distribution and Energy Systems Catapult will be introducing the top three teams from the first data science challenge, as well as kicking off the second competition!

Each of the top three teams will give a short overview of their approaches in the first data science challenge.

We will follow this with a short presentation introducing, and launching, our second data science competition which asks the question: Can you predict when electric vehicle chargers have been installed?

Western Power Data Science Challenge Series

Following on from the success of the Presumed Open Data, Data Science Challenge, Western Power Distribution, partnering with Energy Systems Catapult, are developing a series of three new short data science challenges.

The aims of these challenges are to:

  • Demonstrate the value of making unique data sets available.
  • Highlight some of the major data-driven challenges facing distribution network operators.
  • Build a community of energy data science enthusiasts.
  • Showcase state of the art data science and machine learning methods for energy system problems.

The problems are all linked to real-world issues facing distribution network operators, and will also include previously unreleased datasets. Note that all challenges are independent and there is no requirement to engage in any of the previous challenges in order to take part in the later ones. Each challenge will have a prize and winners will be invited to present at a wrap-up event for the challenge.

Challenge 2: EV demand Prediction

This second challenge will investigate the detection of electric vehicle (EV) chargers on primary distribution networks by considering the changes in the monitored demand. As we move towards a low carbon economy, the uptake of high demand low carbon technologies such as electric vehicles can cause increased strain on the networks, especially at the lower voltage level. For distribution network operators this is particularly important to ensure they can maintain the security of supply while helping to enable the uptake of cleaner transport alternatives.

This challenge asks participants to develop methods for identifying the increased EV charger capacity on several primary networks utilising historical substation demand, weather data, a sample of EV charging data, and the option to use any other publicly available data sets that may be useful.

Participants are welcome from all backgrounds, and especially those with keen interests in Energy and/or data science and machine learning. Teams of limited size will be allowed to participate and therefore a mix of different expertise is encouraged.

To express interest, please register using the button above to receive further information including details of the kick-off event to be held on the 20th January 2022 at 1pm GMT.

Western Power Distribution Data Challenge 1 Winners Presentation & Challenge 2 Kick-Off Event


20th January 2022


1pm - 2pm

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Duration: 1 Hour

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