Local Energy Systems Scottish Industry Network

Local Energy Systems Scottish Industry Network (LESSIN) is an initiative to support the decarbonisation of industrial Scotland while building the low carbon economy.

The project will bring together manufacturers, project developers, technology companies, innovation support organisations, knowledge communities, and investors to cultivate the low carbon ecosystem in Scotland, and beyond. ​

LESSIN is led by Energy Systems Catapult in collaboration with the Energy Technology Partnership (ETP), and on behalf of Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise. ​The project is part-funded by the 2014–2020 European Structural and Investment Fund.

​Become part of the LESSIN. It’s free to be a member! ​

  • Is your business part of the energy sector in Scotland? ​Or could it be in future?
  • Might your business be able to help “LESSIN” the CO2 in local energy systems? ​
  • Would you like to contribute to the major transformation of how we produce, consume and balance energy in local energy systems in Scotland and beyond?   ​

The Challenge

Many world-leading local energy system projects already exist across Scotland including the Levenmouth Community Energy Project in Fife, ACCESS (Assisting Communities to Connect to Electric Sustainable Sources) on Mull and SMILE in Orkney.

These projects have focused on a range of themes, including decarbonising heat in rural areas, matching local electricity generation and local electricity demand at a distribution network level, including hydrogen technology as part of the solution.

However, the Scottish Government’s Energy Strategy highlighted the need for the further development of local energy systems and has recently consulted on its local energy systems policy that is soon due to be published.

The Solution

LESSIN will develop local energy activity as well as create opportunities for businesses in the supply chain to connect with each other and with stakeholders to build the Scottish low carbon economy.

The aim is to provide a platform for a series of schemes which will support Scotland’s company base in this emerging sector as well as contributing to net zero targets.

LESSIN member benefits: ​

Scottish industry and energy sector members will be supported by the Energy Systems Catapult and ETP to: ​

  • Help build Local Energy Systems consortiums and attract investment for successful demonstration of commercial projects, at scale, in Scotland and internationally​
  • Make connections to potential partners, project owners and investors and access Local Energy Systems supporting information, within a dedicated online network collaboration space ​
  • Provide a greater understanding about the changes to future energy markets, local energy systems integration and energy transition to Net Zero GHG emissions
  • Share industry challenges and gain insights into how to turn the challenges into opportunities
  • Help share your learning with the Local Energy Systems industry and help others develop local energy projects ​
  • Help collaborative ways of working across the industry and explore new business models
  • Provide LESSIN funded direct SME business development support via 1:2:1 business development surgeries with innovation support and funding guidance ​

Energy Systems Catapult, Energy Technology Partnership and other innovation support organisations will work with Scottish industry to identify challenges and opportunities in delivering Local Energy Systems. ​

The LESSIN Cluster-building Programme aims to: 

  • Develop a LES network, in Scotland ​
  • Provide a facilitated online network collaboration platform​
  • Deliver a comprehensive programme of webinars, workshops and cluster-building activities​
  • Be a catalyst for accelerated growth of the emerging LES Scottish industry sector​
  • Raise awareness of the LES capabilities and sector, in Scotland ​
  • Encourage and support Scottish industry to innovate ​
  • Deepen understanding of the challenges around delivering local energy system projects ​
  • Harness and share learning, throughout the energy sector and innovation support community, in Scotland​

What next? ​

  • Register your interest to be involved in the Local Energy Systems Scottish Industry Network HERE
  • Full launch of LESSIN on 17th February, 2021 at 9:30am.