Energy Launchpad International

Building on the success of the Energy Launchpad International pilot (2020-2021) in Thailand and India, Energy Systems Catapult is seeking to build partnerships in Thailand, South Africa and Mexico. Following two challenge calls, 16 UK innovators were chosen for their unique propositions. They will now work closely with Catapult incubation managers and third party experts to learn about their new focus market, adapt their business models and meet potential collaborators.

The challenge

Energy Launchpad International works closely with innovators to build their business development capacity. Innovators often lack the resources to create full export strategies, and our research shows the two most common things they lack are in-country contacts and market understanding.


Thailand is an advanced market in terms of recognising the importance of smart energy systems, which presents an opportunity for UK-Thai collaboration. As we identified in our Thai market deep dive last year, Thailand has ambitious policies in place for electrification of transport and the creation of smart cities and power networks. The government has recently announced even more ambitious policies in the sphere of e-mobility and there are early signs of international investment aimed at capitalising on Thailand’s position as an automotive hub in Southeast Asia.

South Africa & Mexico

Both South Africa and Mexico currently depend strongly on fossil fuels and at national level it's hard to see how UK innovators might collaborate. However, through discussions with our in-country partners we've found opportunities for real impact and potential business collaborations at local level – whether that's helping rural landowners in Mexico diversify their incomes and reduce reliance on diesel generation, or working with South African municipalities as they seek stability from rolling blackouts. UK firms need support navigating the South African and Mexican markets because they operate differently and there are unique barriers. UK innovators will need to build trusting relationships with local partners in addition to demonstrating a strong product or service. The Energy Launchpad International will support innovators with unique smart energy business model expertise and strong overseas networks to foster collaboration between UK and local firms.

The solution

We are combining our international experience of running missions with our SME incubation service that provides specialist energy systems expertise, to create a unique programme that responded to the needs of UK innovators. We draw on experts from across the Catapult and our network of delivery partners to provide an end-to-end export programme tailored to the technologies, business needs and level of maturity of our 16 innovators in the cohorts. Our programme is running in three overlapping stages.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are unable to travel to Thailand, South Africa or Mexico. All engagement will be done remotely, facilitated by our in-country partners Orissa International, GreenCape and British Chamber of Commerce Mexico. The remote engagement approach is beneficial in that it extends the engagement window beyond that of traditional trade missions – allowing trusting business relationships to establish and for the UK innovators to adapt their approach to the market.

Thailand cohort


BlockDox is a data science focused proptech company solving complex problems using artificial intelligence of things (AIoT). Their patented technology helps organisations who have large real estate portfolios or public transport operators to manage and exceed their sustainability goals, reduce operational wastage, increase profitability and improve space use.

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CityEV designs smart electric vehicle charging technology which can be installed anywhere. Their charge points have regulatory approval, which means they can be mounted on and powered by public street lighting. They can be installed on other public infrastructure such as car parks and public buildings.

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London-based Faradai is a high-tech company whose Carbon Intelligence platform helps companies to automate their data gathering and validation, using emissions factors to efficiently and accurately calculate carbon footprints.

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GreenEnco is a technical consultancy and engineering service provider in solar, energy storage and electric vehicle charging infrastructure projects.

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Holistic Energy

Holistic Energy Ltd was established to develop a range of models that will allow renewable energy to compete with fossil fuels for a range of industrial and commercial purposes.

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OXTO Energy

OXTO Energy is an innovative energy storage company, with the mission to enable the transition to a low-carbon world by stabilising electricity from intermittent renewable sources of energy. It has developed a new energy storage technology that will deliver safe, scalable and low-cost storage.

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Telensa makes wireless smart city applications, with the core of the business focused on smart lighting, helping cities around the world save energy, work smarter and deliver more joined-up services for their citizens.

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South Africa cohort


Danecca supplies production ready energy storage systems into the automotive industry. It is now seeking to deploy these engineering skills and its knowledge of power system design and operation to develop grid scale electrical energy storage solutions targeted at commercial and industrial customers seeking to mitigate supply side rolling blackouts.

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EA Technology

EA Technology is a specialist in asset management solutions for owners and operators of electrical assets. It is headquartered in the UK, with operations and customers global with four regional offices around the world.

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ENERGINEERING is a 12-year-old boutique consultancy on industrial efficiency strategic design, focusing on sustainability of investments. It has been leading the development of a reversible heat pump and storage (patent pending) solution for small 1-10kWhr electrical power requirements, providing electrical power to operate local nano grids to support user needs.

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Gravitricity is developing a novel form of mechanical energy storage, using weights being raised and lowered. The Gravitricity System can enable the reliable storage and return of electricity to a grid, as well as providing sub-second response for grid management.

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InvestinGreen (IVG) is a socially responsible renewable energy project developer and independent power producer.  It is a multidisciplinary team of experts with over a hundred and eighty years of combined experience working to build renewable energy infrastructure and access to energy in Africa, Asia and South America.

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Modularity Grid

Modularity Grid is a deep tech startup that provides AI software for remotely monitoring and controlling renewable energy assets, enabling the next generation of low carbon energy systems for aerospace and terrestrial applications.

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Mexico cohort

Build Solar

Build Solar aims to build integrated, affordable, efficient and attractive solar technologies as part of a building’s architecture, in places where energy demand is highest, whilst having minimal impact on the landscape and on quality of life.

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Naked Energy

Naked Energy’s products use solar energy to decarbonise heat and power in buildings. “Virtu” is an innovative solar collector that combine the best of solar thermal and photovoltaic to produce the world’s highest energy density rooftop solar product.

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RheEnergise has developed an innovative pumped storage solution that is low-cost, fast to build and globally scalable, in the timescales demanded by the climate crisis. Its projects use a fluid with 2.5x the density of water, meaning that they can be installed on small hills instead of mountains.

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Energy market deep dives

The Energy Launchpad International programme was designed to support UK energy innovators to access opportunities in overseas markets. It takes into account feedback from innovators on the challenges they face bridging the gap between R&D and successful commercialisation. These can be grouped into two main issues: understanding the market and establishing relationships with local stakeholders.

Our market deep dives offer insight into the mechanics of a country’s power system, with a focus on smart and clean energy solutions. They include case studies of pilots and local business models and the references section can be used to link to further reading. Our deep dives are a valuable resource for SMEs to use in creating their export roadmap, giving them access to relevant data and sources of information that they may not have the resources to collect themselves.

Download our international energy market deep dives below.

Mexico market assessment for smart energy business models

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South Africa market assessment for smart energy business models

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Philippines market assessment for smart energy business models

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Energy Launchpad International

The Energy Launchpad International programme is designed to support UK energy SMEs to access overseas markets.

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