Multi-energy Vector Integration Innovation Opportunities


The Multi-energy Vector Integration Innovation Opportunities project investigated how the constituent vectors of the energy system (i.e. electricity, heat, transport, etc) will increasingly interact to enable new services and value streams that create a more dynamic and flexible low carbon energy system.

This included an assessment of the challenges and opportunities for SMEs to exploit their skills, capabilities and assets to enable a future multi-vector energy system.

The project provided an initial understanding of where these opportunities are and how SMEs can be supported to develop their capabilities to enable them to play a more significant role in the development of multi-vector energy.

To provide an understanding of where the opportunities arising from increased multi-energy vector integration exists, a methodological approach was adopted which included a landscape review, stakeholder engagement activity and analysis of three multi-vector case studies.

Key points

A number of cross-cutting innovation themes emerged across the multi-vector energy case studies considered. These themes are likely to offer value to SMEs in the near term and could form the basis of publicly-funded innovation programmes to support multi-energy vector progression and the UK SME community in the future. The cross-cutting themes are:

  • Novel system control approaches
  • Software development
  • Aggregation services and associated business models

Next steps

There are a number of activities that would be of value to pursue in the near term:

  • More extensive supply chain engagement, with detailed analysis and engagement with UK SMEs
  • Engagement with multi-energy vector end-users to provide additional insight into the technical and operational challenges
  • Build on the approach methodology developed, to consider a broader range of case studies to test whether additional opportunities emerge
  • A series of workshops with SMEs to build on and enhance the findings summarised in this report
  • Multi-energy vector integration that could be considered by public funding agencies when developing future innovation programmes.

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