Energy Revolution Integration Service


Developing smart and integrated energy systems is crucial to transforming the UK energy system to meet carbon reduction targets and achieve our clean growth ambitions.

UK Government is investing in research and industry to develop future smart energy systems through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund – Prospering from the Energy Revolution (PFER). This challenge will help businesses to expand local energy approaches and by the early 2020s, aims to prove that smarter local energy systems can deliver cleaner and cheaper energy services.

Energy Systems Catapult is playing a central role within PFER through the Energy Revolution Integration Service (ERIS), providing expert guidance and support to selected projects, as well as collaborative opportunities for shared learning.ERIS exists to respond to the integration challenge and to break down the siloed thinking which stands in the way of sustainable new smart local energy markets.

Through ERIS we are facilitating interaction between industry, academia and government, enabling the programme to create impact beyond the boundaries of the programme. The ERIS vision is:

“to create sustained impact by making Prospering from the Energy Revolution (PFER) – a step towards implementing UK’s industrial strategy – greater than the sum of its parts in support of creating sustainable smart local energy systems”.

Read about the Catapult’s role in PFER and our hopes for the programme in this Innovate UK blog, with ERIS Director, Eva Gromadzki.

The Challenge and Opportunity

PFER will bring together businesses who, working with local stakeholders and the best research and expertise, will develop and demonstrate new approaches to provide cleaner, cheaper and more resilient energy to consumers. These solutions will link low-carbon power, heating and transport systems with energy storage and advanced IT to create intelligent, local energy systems and services.

Selected UK consortia are sharing up to £41.5 million from Innovate UK to deliver concept designs or practical demonstrations of new business models that intelligently link supply, storage and demand in heating, power and transport.

  1. Smart local energy systems: demonstrators
  1. Smart local energy systems: concepts and designs

An additional £30 million fund has also been released for the next phase of the Prospering from the Energy Revolution (PFER) Programme, focusing on Detailed Designs for smart local energy systems. The programme’s overall aim is to help kick-start a multi-billion industry in the early 2020s, supporting high-value employment across the UK. The application deadline is 7 August, and details of the call can be found here.

ERIS recently delivered a webinar introducing the Detailed Designs funding competition and how the Energy Systems Catapult can support projects who are successful in being awarded funding. We have also produced a  bidder’s pack, which can be downloaded here. The webinar slides are available for anyone interested in bidding into the call and provide an overview of the competition, along with information on how to engage with us to contract additional subcontract services.

Please note: as a delivery partner to PFER through ERIS, the Catapult is not permitted to be a consortium partner within the Detailed Designs call, however we can provide quotes and information on our Additional Subcontract Services offering during the competition period, which will be delivered to bidders who are successful in their application for funding.

Our Approach

In collaboration with our stakeholders, the Catapult is developing tools and methodologies that can help projects move closer to real-world implementation of concepts and demonstrators.

ERIS is drawing on the Catapult’s strong portfolio of Capabilities, Assets and highly skilled people to fulfil its vision and help drive the PFER programme and projects forward.

We are providing a consistent and coherent analysis of the maturity, risks and benefits of the smart local energy systems and as the programme progresses, we are also capturing lessons and insights from the programme, making these accessible to those who can influence change. Our main activities include:

  • Providing PFER projects with tools and approaches to help de-risk their projects, including ways to assess a project’s readiness to integrate with the energy system, and support to design, test and demonstrate ideas and solutions
  • Providing a common language and framework for system thinking in an energy context, to support communication across the PFER programme, provide a coherent approach to exploring common barriers to innovation and to embed whole system awareness
  • Developing tools and approaches to provide assurance that projects can meet PFER energy-related objectives, to evaluate the Smart Local Energy Systems in relation to each other and the whole energy system; and to provide an early assessment of supply chains
  • Supporting access to common datasets and services, help projects audit and improve the quality of data for use in whole system models, and support secure data sharing within the programme
  • Communicating learning from the programme to key stakeholders by delivering independent, objective insight reports on key themes from the PFER programme

As a separate and additional offering, we are also offering sub-contract services to bidders; these may be built into projects as requested.

What others say about ERIS

“The Catapult is playing a central role through the Prospering from the Energy Revolution programme, [helping] deliver demonstrators and a dozen local system concepts designed to show how [smart local energy] systems might work.” – Claire Perry, Minister of State at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

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For general information on PFER you can download a copy of Innovate UK’s brochure here.

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