Helping planners and businesses deploy zero carbon innovations by mapping local energy assets, buildings, geography and social factors like fuel poverty

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Identify the Net Zero opportunities and energy system challenges in your local area

Local Energy Asset Representation (LEAR) is a modelling tool that creates a visual baseline of energy assets within a local area to help planning and innovation for Net Zero.

Developed by Energy Systems Catapult, LEAR uses data analytics and aspects of machine learning to explore a wide range of datasets, including: energy demand, generation, storage and distribution assets, energy network constraints, social factors like fuel poverty and characteristics like building types and local geography.

LEAR helps planners and innovators to strategically decide how they might deploy low carbon technologies and grow clean tech businesses to meet energy efficiency and carbon emission targets in a cost-effective way.

This baseline helps to lead the way towards a Local Area Energy Plan for the area.

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VIDEO: LEAR is powerful tool to visually understand the infrastructure, social and geographic factors present in any local area.

Visualise a wide range of local datasets

Map local generation, storage and distribution assets

Baseline of your current energy assets before developing a Net Zero strategy.

Understand energy demand and network constraints

Baseline of your local grid assets, capacity and demand before developing a Net Zero strategy.

Identify local solar potential

Mapping the orientation of building roofs for solar installation.

Understand off-street electric vehicle charging potential

Identifying homes with potential for off-street parking – with road access and a minimum 2.4m x 4.8m standard UK parking space.

Identify social factors like fuel poverty

Help to better target innovative social interventions

Case Studies

LEAR as part of Smart local Energy System

The LEAR was part of efforts to develop a Smart Local Energy Systems in Coventry including a local energy market that would benefit residents with reduced energy prices, increased jobs and investment, and clean growth.

The Coventry LEAR was developed with funding from the “Prospering from the Energy Revolution” Challenge Fund through the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy – with projects in Coventry, Rugeley and Sandwell.

Coventry City Council wanted to explore ways of generating and storing low-carbon energy on a city-wide scale, such as harnessing unused energy in electric vehicles, as well as integrating large scale, clean energy assets.

The LEAR provided visual representations of local energy systems by collating and processing data, including an understanding of the buildings in the local area, their annual and peak energy demands and the energy networks that serve them. In particular, the Coventry LEAR focused on street by street visualisations on the potential for solar PV and off-street parking to charge electric vehicles.

“The Local Energy Asset Representation has been really helpful to the SLES project in CoventryIt gives us an indication of the current scale and potential for photovoltaic solar and off-street parking, both important when considering local electricity generation and the geographical impact of electric vehicles in the project area. So it is great to see the Catapult continually developing this analysis.”

Dr Grant Wilson, Head of the Energy Data Analytics Group, University of Birmingham

West Midlands Regional Energy System Operator

Access existing Local Energy Asset Representation data

LEAR has already been used in over 20  cities, towns, industrial clusters and rural councils across the UK. Each dataset provides a visualisation of the local energy systems, including data on: energy assets, buildings, geography and fuel poverty.

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