Applying world-class systems thinking to deliver the evidence and action plans needed by Government to achieve Net Zero by 2050

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Navigating the Net Zero transition across Government

The UK Government has a target to achieve at least 50% reduction in carbon emissions across the public sector estate by 2032.

Energy Systems Catapult applies systems thinking to deliver the evidence and action plans needed by Government to achieve near-term carbon reduction and longer-term targets of Net Zero by 2050.

Delivering results against these targets will require a whole systems approach that allows for the installation and integration of both existing and innovative technologies, enabling them to be optimised.

It also requires an understanding of how decarbonisation could be delivered within existing governance and commercial arrangements.

What we offer

Energy Systems Catapult helping the public sector estate navigate to Net Zero, with practical approaches based on bespoke data.

Our Major Programmes

Energy Systems Catapult delivers multi-year, multi-million pound programmes to help decarbonise local places and complex sites.


Modern Energy Partners

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How to work with us

Energy Systems Catapult provides technical, commercial and policy expertise to drive innovation across the whole energy system.

Our independent and technology-agnostic approach, has built a trusted track record in delivering thought leadership, collaborative R&D and commercial commissioning.

Providing a range of capabilities, tools and labs – from world class Net Zero modelling and cutting-edge systems engineering – through to digital and data science and real-world innovation trials that drive start-ups to success.

Commission us

Supporting energy companies and networks, industrial sites and commercial businesses to navigate to Net Zero.

Collaborate with us

Supporting government, local authorities and innovators to create the new policies, markets, business models and technologies we need to deliver Net Zero.

Case Studies

Place-based Net Zero Toolkit

Modern Energy Partners  (MEP) was a two-year, £20million innovation pilot exploring how to decarbonise the public sector estate to help the UK Government meet commitments on Net Zero.

From April 2019 to March 2021, the MEP developed a systematic, repeatable and scalable method of enabling large campus-style sites to create quality and value for money approaches to cutting carbon emissions.

The project was a collaborative cross-departmental programme, coordinated and delivered by Energy Systems Catapult and funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Cabinet Office, with additional match funding from pathfinder sites.

MEP utilised a test bed of 42 sites responsible for over 294,000 tCO2e carbon emissions – equating to 8% of Ministry of Defence (MOD), 17% of Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and 6% of NHS sites.

Firstly, rapid data gathering technologies and techniques were deployed to appraise the Net Zero potential of sites – including installing telemetry across 26 sites.

Secondly, a range of tools and templates were developed that allowed 24 sites to create decarbonisation plans that will reduce emissions, on average, by 70% by 2032.

Thirdly, MEP carried out initial carbon reduction works at four pathfinder sites:

        • Sheppey Prison Cluster
        • HMS Collingwood
        • NHS Goole and District Hospital
        • Catterick Garrison

Across the four sites 21,515 LEDs light bulbs were installed, building fabric improvements (e.g. loft and cavity wall insulation) were made and smart Building Management Systems now control 176,990 m2. Together these deliver 9,158,986 kWh, 2,444 tCO2e and £977k saving annually.

Collaborate with us

Helping Government departments and agencies create practical net zero actions plans based on leading whole systems engineering and innovation.

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