An essential partner offering independent and technology-agnostic, whole systems expertise to accelerate the path to Net Zero

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Accelerating energy companies to Net Zero

Energy Systems Catapult takes a whole systems view of the zero carbon innovation landscape. Helping energy suppliers and network operators identify the right pathway to Net Zero by 2050 – by utilising whole systems modelling, systems engineering and identifying supply chain solutions with high-growth potential innovators.

We also offer consumer insight capabilities, alongside unique tools and labs, that allow energy companies to trial new service propositions and business models before offering it to their own customers.

Testing with real consumers can be achieved with our Home Truths Consumer Panel or through our Living Lab test and demonstration environment.

What we offer

Energy Systems Catapult provides utilities with the whole systems insights and access to innovations needed to accelerate them and their customers to Net Zero.

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How to work with us

Energy Systems Catapult provides technical, commercial and policy expertise to drive innovation across the whole energy system.

Our independent and technology-agnostic approach, has built a trusted track record in delivering thought leadership, collaborative R&D and commercial commissioning.

Providing a range of capabilities, tools and labs – from world class Net Zero modelling and cutting-edge systems engineering – through to digital and data science and real-world innovation trials that drive start-ups to success.

Commission us

Supporting energy companies and networks, industrial sites and commercial businesses to navigate to Net Zero.

Collaborate with us

Supporting government, local authorities and innovators to create the new policies, markets, business models and technologies we need to deliver Net Zero.

Case Studies

Systems Engineering

Energy Systems Catapult collaborated with UK Power Networks (UKPN) under Network Innovation Allowance funding to investigate the behaviour of domestic electricity consumers and the distribution network supplying them under a Cold Start scenario in 2030.

With electrification of heating and transport expected to be at far higher level in the next decade, an extended power outage under severe weather conditions would lead to a sudden demand surge to levels far higher than normal peak levels as electrical devices are reactivated.

Using an innovative simulation tool, our Systems Engineering team created dynamic models using a portion of real electricity network to understand the physical impacts of fault conditions on energy assets and appliances within the network under different outage scenarios. A range of metrics were produced, including power flows, voltages, loading and balancing.

The results will allow UKPN to identify:

  • Network areas with high risk of adverse effects from power restoration after Cold Start.
  • Mitigation measures such as operational policies, network controls, demand-side flexibility and conventional reinforcement.
  • Explore novel mitigation methods based on in-home appliance flexibility.

Commission us

Offering utilities independent whole energy system modelling and insights, systems engineering and digital strategies to identify the right pathway to net zero by 2050.

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Collaborate with us

Partner with Energy Systems Catapult to deliver collaborative R&D projects that accelerate the path to Net Zero.

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