Our Annual Impact Reviews provide a snapshot of how we are helping clean companies thrive by tackling the hardest Net Zero challenges

Energy Systems Catapult stepped up efforts in 2019-2020 to tackle some of the most difficult decarbonisation challenges on the way to Net Zero. Accelerated some truly innovative companies with our programmes and capabilities, while driving key government taskforces with hundreds of stakeholders.

The year began with the UK leading the world in committing to deliver Net Zero by 2050 and closed with the urgent challenge of responding to the threat of COVID-19 overshadowed everything else.

While for others in the Catapult Network that meant a shift (at least short-term) in focus and resource – for Energy Systems Catapult it meant doubling down on Net Zero. No one yet has a clear picture of how to get there, or what needs to be done in what order, or in which technologies to invest in. Never before has there been such a strong need for a coherent whole systems response, taking in the human, political, market, digital and physical aspects of the energy transition.

Annual Impact Review 2019-2020

Discover how Energy Systems Catapult tackled some of the most difficult challenges on the way to Net Zero during 2019/20.

Key points

Energy Systems Catapult is here to help innovative businesses tackle the most difficult challenges facing the energy sector, as the UK moves to a net zero economy and during 2019-20:

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