Conversations with Industry on Locational Pricing - Tim Chapelle and Tom Luff

Comment by Tim Chapelle, Energy Policy Advisor, and Tom Luff, Senior Advisor at Energy Systems Catapult

What do innovators in Great Britain believe is the future of locational pricing? What impact will it have on business growth and innovation? Will introducing locational pricing support consumers? These questions and more are discussed and debated by industry – from SMEs such as ZUoS to major organisations including Octopus Energy – in our latest series, ‘Conversations with…’.

We’ll be speaking with leading voices in the energy industry to better understand their thoughts and views on locational pricing.

Conversation with Electron

We spoke with Jo-Jo Hubbard (CEO) and Nick Huntbatch (Head of Product) to hear more about their views on locational pricing.

Conversation with Amp X

We spoke with John Prime, Head of External & Regulatory Affairs at Amp X, to hear more about the importance of stronger locational pricing signals for the future of flexible consumer propositions.

Conversation with ZUoS

We spoke with Alex Schlicke, Chief Executive Officer, to find out more about why greater locational pricing is so important.

Conversation with Octopus Energy

We spoke with Madelaine Brooks, Energy Markets and Regulation Lead at Octopus Energy, to find out more about locational pricing and its importance in future innovation.

Conversation with Solea Energy

We spoke with David Kozak, VP of Research, to hear his views on why he thinks implementation of locational marginal pricing works in other jurisdictions and why it is crucial for future GB markets.

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