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What are Smart Local Energy Systems (SLES) & how can they support the UK’s transition to Net Zero?

Smart Local Energy Systems (SLES) are an emergent concept, both technically and commercially. Although frequently referenced within national, regional and network operator strategies, they are still difficult to define since the scale, approach, technologies, stakeholders and outcomes can vary from one to the next.

The Energy Revolution Integration Service (ERIS) recently delivered a  webinar framed around its Concept Design ‘Portfolio Review’ insight report. The Concept Designs were funded by IUK as part of the Prospering from the Energy Revolution (PFER) programme.

The report explores how projects within the Prospering from the Energy Revolution programme are interpreting the remit of developing a Smart Local Energy System, and provides an analysis of the group consensus that is emerging.

You can find a full recording of the webinar, split into easy to watch episodes, here.

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