Back from the Brink

Accounting for approximately 99.9% of the total volume of private sector businesses in the UK, small-medium enterprises (SMEs) contribute significantly to the UK’s economy. However, increasingly, SMEs are facing financial hardship due to rising inflation rates and unprecedented energy bills.

Whilst SMEs recognise the importance of ‘doing their bit’ to tackle climate change, the high cost of low carbon technologies is a commonly reported barrier to decarbonisation.

Accordingly, we reached out to SMEs to better understand the following:

  1. How difficult it has become to operate under current energy prices?
  2. What support has been made available?
  3. What actions are businesses taking to mitigate high energy bills and climate change?
  4. What extra support is required?

This report dives into the findings of the research and sets out key recommendations for Government to help pull SMEs Back from the Brink. 

This research was conducted by Energy Systems Catapult and funded by carbonTRACK.

Report summary

Report summary

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Back from the Brink: How SMEs are taking control of their energy management and why extra support is needed

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