Overcome barriers to Net Zero innovation with independent performance validation, real-world consumer insights, business model analysis and system integration


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Affordable demonstration and simulation

Real-world or simulation, product or service, government or start-up – our test and demonstration environments allow innovation to flourish.

The Living Lab is a national facility of over 500 connected homes providing space for innovators, industry, government and regulators to trial new technologies, products, services, business models, policies and regulations under simulated in-market arrangements with real consumers.

Home Truths® is our consumer panel of thousands of people who can help you better understand customer needs supported by experts in consumer insight, business modelling and energy system engineering.

And Home Energy Dynamics is a first-of a-kind dynamic simulation tool that explores how low carbon heating solutions interact and perform with other energy efficiency measures.

Trial your innovation with real consumers in their homes

We offer quick, safe and affordable real-world testing of new energy products, services and business models to de-risk and scale innovations for market. Our Living Lab of over 500 digitally connected smart-homes, is truly open, interoperable and scalable.

Consumer research backed by energy experts

Understanding consumers is vital to designing and deploying better products and services. Get rapid, cost-effective consumer feedback on your product, service or policy idea with our Home Truths® consumer panel.

Try simulation before demonstration

Before committing to real-world trials, we can simulate how your product will interact with a range of housing types, including heating systems, smart controls, building fabrics, weather and consumer profiles to help determine efficiencies and cost effectiveness.

What we offer

Energy Systems Catapult offers a range of labs, tools and expertise drawing on cutting-edge data science, whole systems modelling and in-depth consumer insight to help innovators accelerate to market.

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How to work with us

Energy Systems Catapult offers technical, commercial and policy expertise to drive Net Zero innovation across the whole energy system.

We are not-for-profit, independent and technology-agnostic – building a trusted track record of delivering thought leadership, collaborative R&D and commercial commissions – so are uniquely placed to take on the challenges that others cannot tackle.

We use our grant-funding to develop capabilities, tools and labs – from world-class Net Zero modelling and cutting-edge systems engineering, through to digital and data science and real-world innovation trials that drive start-ups to success.

Supporting, convening and advising government, academia, industry, local/regional authorities, investors and SMEs to create new markets that unleash innovation and define the pathway to Net Zero.

Collaborate with us

We work with partners from the public and private sectors to secure funding and collectively deliver the thought leadership and innovation projects that tackle the hardest challenges in the way to Net Zero.

Commission us

We offer technical, commercial and policy expertise through our independent evidence and insights to identify and deliver Net Zero innovation priorities. Then actively support clients to develop actionable plans for implementation.

Case Studies

Home Energy Dynamics

Mixergy has designed an innovative, smart hot water storage tank that allows consumers to heat only the water they need, in contrast to conventional hot water tanks which heat all or nothing. This saves on energy, cost and carbon emissions.

Energy Systems Catapult utilised our Home Energy Dynamics modelling toolkit to help Mixergy simulate how their hot water tank interacts with varied building and occupancy profiles without needing to deploy the innovation in the real world.

HED has been tested on a number of homes to date, to demonstrate a very strong correlation between predicted and measured energy performance, which supports validation work undertaken with Salford University’s Energy House.

David White, Head of Commercial Operations, Mixergy, said: “Home Energy Dynamics allowed us to test Mixergy’s product when deployed in a varied ecosystem of products and applications, which is often challenging to model. These insights are extremely valuable when articulating to prospective clients and stakeholders the full impact of deploying smart home technologies.

“We were really impressed with the accuracy of the model and also how it is able to quickly identify effectiveness of a solution without need for a full laboratory set-up.”

Commission us

Working with innovators to design and run trials or get rapid consumer feedback that accelerates new products, services or business models to market.

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Collaborate with us

Working with governments, regulators and consumer advocates to test the hardest policy and regulatory challenges on the way to net zero.

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