Wondrwall is a technology company that combine intelligent AI-powered home automation, clean energy production and super-efficient heating systems, to help homes save money, time and the environment.

Energy Systems Catapult via the Energy Launchpad aims to help Wonderwall better understand and develop propositions for the retrofit across a range of market segments and explore the best approach to achieving recognition under the Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure for energy performance in homes.

The Wondrwall System

Manchester-based Wondrwall has developed a complete intelligent, home system that can achieve Net Zero homes without expensive or invasive modifications. Combining a hyper-efficient, integrated, carbon-neutral domestic energy management (Solar, Battery, Inverter) and heating solution (space and water) with automated and intuitive control – powered by AI. This self-learning system works around the clock to efficiently manage your home.

The system is intelligent rather than smart in that it controls the home and the functions of the home automatically so that you don’t have to. As a fully integrated solution, all the functions working together in a single system and single app. Making it simple to use, simple to install and simple to maintain. And allowing it to scale with new services from a single home to millions.

The Wondrwall solution is completely modular, so it can be expanded over time to keep pace with evolving demands. Yet does not add materially to the build cost of new properties or retrofit of existing properties.

The Challenge: Scaling up

Wondrwall are confident in their existing position within the new build market with house builders and property developers; and are growing traction in the social housing sector for both new build and retrofit.

Yet there are challenges to overcome to scale across all sectors including further clarifying their value proposition with installers and electricians. Additionally, Wondrwall’s intelligence, sensory-based features are not currently recognised in the Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP), which is used to assess and support the energy and environmental performance of dwellings. Even though Wondrwall can significantly reduce consumption, carbon and energy costs there is limited regulatory incentive for builders and other large-scale property portfolio owners to deploy these technologies.

The Innovative Solution

Energy Systems Catapult is home to the Energy Launchpad that draws on our capabilities and assets, along with those of our partners. The Energy Launchpad provides innovators with tailored incubation and acceleration support to help address systemic barriers, de-risk innovation, help businesses scale and secure investment.

Energy Launchpad’s Accelerator programme offers scale-up support for selected high-impact potential SMEs. Support includes those areas outlined in incubation but in more depth, as well as help to access demonstration environments such as our Living Lab, engagement with potential corporate clients and investors, and links to international opportunities.

Energy Launchpad – Accelerator

To help Wondrwall capture the post COVID-19 recovery opportunity, the Energy Launchpad is using a combination of qualitative consumer research and business model innovation to assess the customer value proposition for social and private landlords and develop an asset finance business model that unlocks large scale retrofit opportunities.

Additionally, the Energy Launchpad will recommend options and pathways to achieve SAP recognition, unlocking one of the key barriers to market growth.

  • Storytelling for Start-Ups: Delivered as a masterclass for all SME’s to develop clear and compelling value proposition messaging for use with a range of audiences from customers to partners and investors.
  • SAP Accreditation Assessment: Development of approach to gaining recognition of Automation and Occupancy based controls in SAP. Develop a detailed understanding of Wondrwall innovation and current body of evidence/testing data to explore options for the most expedient and cost-effective route to achieve SAP recognition and testing/validation needed to support.
  • Business Model Innovation: We will carry out a Customer Value Proposition for Social Landlords, Private Rented and Owner Occupier segments to help Wondrwall capture retrofit opportunities in the post-Covid recovery. We will deliver a ‘service proposition assessment’ for further monetising the Wondrwall platform, explore the assessment and specification process and develop asset finance solutions to enable economically viable building fabric improvements.

Energy Launchpad

Turning clean energy innovators into entrepreneurs. Propelling SMEs step-by-step through technical validation towards commercial vindication.

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